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About Texmash:


The Company TEXMASH BAR YOKEN Textilmaschinen GmbH is buying and selling used machines/lines for the Textile Industry.

Texmash is mainly selling machines/lines for the fields: Weaving, Spinning, Dyeing, Printing and Finishing, but there are also a lot of machines/lines for the other fields of the Textile Industry available.

As a service, the Company Texmash on request takes care of the supply of spare parts and of the dismantling, delivery and transport of the bought machines.


TEXMASH is a Family Company, which has been founded by Mr. Dipl-Ing. Yakup Akcan in 1982. Mr. Musa Akcan, joined the Company in 1987. The Company had been directed by the brothers Akcan until 1995.

After Mr. Dipl. Ing. Yakup Akcan died in 1995, the Company TEXMASH had been restructured. Under the management of Mr. Musa Akcan, out of the Company "Texmash Akcan, Textilmaschinen GmbH" had been arised the Company "Texmash Bar Yoken, Textilmaschinen GmbH".

Location :

The Company TEXMASH at present inhabits abt. 2000m² prestigious estate in the City of D-41199 Mönchengladbach, Duvenstraße 25. Therefrom abt.1000m² are Warehouse, in which there are several machines.

The "Textile City" Mönchengladbach, which is also called the
”Manchester of Germany” is situated conveniently, you can reach us as following:

By Plane: Airport Mönchengladbach,
Airport Düsseldorf(abt. 40km from Mönchengladbach),
Airport Cologne/Bonn (abt. 80 km from Mönchengladbach) Airport Frankfurt( abt. 3,5 hours from Mönchengladbach),
Airport Brussels/Belgium (abt. 3 hours from Möchengladbach), Airport Amsterdam/Holland (abt. 3 hours from Mönchengladbach). From these Airports the Railway connections to Mönchengladbach are very good.

You can reach Mönchengladbach by car through the motorways No.: A61, A52, A44, or the connections A57 and A46.

You will find our office in the district Mönchengladbach-Odenkirchen, it is in close proximity to the railway station "Odenkirchen" and to the Textile Machine Producer M/S "Trützschler".




In the course of our activities of meanwhile 20 years, we are in correspondence with about 8.500 customers of all continents.

Mainly we are dealing with suppliers/sellers out of German speaking countries, as well as with countries of western and southern Europe, because machines/lines of these countries will be permanently overhault and so are in good condition.

If you have got machines for sale now, or you want to sell machines in the near future, we will please you to pass us the details with the enclosed E-Mail Form.

If you require any machines, which are not enclosed in our Machinery List, please use the enclosed E-Mail Form to let us know your concrete requirement with technical details. We will try to make you an adequate offer.